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VIDEO: Have You Ever Wondered About How Different The Two Koreas Are?

What a difference a line in the sand makes.

Image via: Youtube

There’s a lot of buzz about North Korea lately. There’s all of this news about their new weaponry and their threats to use it on US soil. As you know, they don’t like us very much, and vice versa.

We all know how crazy North Korea is, but you never hear too much about the much more relaxed South Korea. Why? Probably because it’s… well… more relaxed. However, check out this guy’s vlog about his experiences in both North and South Korea. It’s really intriguing if you’ve never looked into it before.

It’s very hard to believe that it’s only been sixty years since the division of Korea.  The differences between these two bodies are impressively drastic. If you ever decide to visit them, obviously South Korea is your safest bet, but as you saw in this video, anyone can visit the north side of the border, but you’re very limited to what you can do and even playing by the rules can be dangerous there. So, if you ever decide to see it for yourself, proceed with caution, because it could end badly for you if you aren’t smart about it.

In the meantime, if you love NBC’s “The Office”, check out this compilation.

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