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Switzerland’s Defense System Makes It Safe Haven Of The World

If WW3 breaks out this is where you would want to be.

“Switzerland is likely the safest place you can be, during the event of a nuclear war, or World War III.”

As the robotic — yet oddly poetic — voice narrating this video will tell you, Switzerland is officially the world’s safest refuge in case World War III breaks out. The various
methods used in Switzerland’s national defense system include over 25,000 camouflaged bunkers, mandatory basic military training for all able-bodied male citizens, and plans to block off all roads and bridges in case of invasion.

After watching the video, I felt somewhat safer knowing that there is in fact a way to prepare for nuclear war. Then, of course, I went right back to not feeling safe because I’m living in the wrong country… But regardless, the Swiss have set an impressive example that the rest of us should follow as soon as possible. They have a legitimate plan to keep their citizens and their country safe, in case of nuclear war or invasion. They’re so well prepared that they even have extra room in their fallout shelters to house their entire population and then some (which means a good 50 – 80% of this country is probably going to be trying to gain citizenship there soon).

Granted, it may not be as easy to stay safe for less mountainous countries, but using geography to one’s advantage is just another brilliant lesson to learn from the Swiss.

I think if we’ve learned anything from this (other than the realization that nuclear war is a threat that isn’t being treated nearly as seriously as it should be) it’s that Switzerland should be given an award for their creativity in the line of national defense. Seriously, did anyone else see it coming when they said they would use controlled explosions to isolate their country in the event of an invasion? Whoever thought of that deserves a raise.

If you’re wondering what the rest of Europe will look like after World War III, then these abandoned European vacation spots paint a creepily accurate picture.

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