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“Phantom Buildings” Popping Up On Google Maps Cause Conspiracy Theories

Is Google in on the conspiracy? You decide.

[Credit: Google Earth]

It wouldn’t be another day without something popping off on Twitter and everyone freaking out about it. Today’s outrage: buildings mysteriously popping up on Google Maps that not truly there. Insert spooky horror movie music here.

Twitter user Kimberly noticed that there were some mysterious buildings that appeared next to Manchester’s Magistrates Court that is not really there in real life. I guess spending a lot of time on Google Maps is a thing? Unless she was searching for something and just saw this. Also, Google Maps takes pictures every few years so this could be something that was once there. People on Twitter had plenty of ideas like this but no one knew for sure.

Finally, The Answer is Found

Finally, someone commented and had the answer: the building has been placed in the wrong place, and in this case shadowed grey so it’s like Google hid this building copy to see if anyone would notice. Well, Kimberly did. There needs to be more of a story as to why she was even looking for this. Whether Google did this on purpose or not, it does bring a brief amount of controversy and excitement into our lives this week.

Click here to read about how people got caught stealing train tracks on Google Maps.

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