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Mafia Nicknames Of Lucchese Crime Family Are Incredible!

Mafia nicknames of Lucchese crime family are incredible!

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Have you ever come across any real life mafia members like the ones in Goodfellas?

Well, you might think they exist only in movies. It turns out New York has an entire crime family living there!

On Jan 31, the Southern District of New York arrested 19 members of the Lucchese crime family, one of the major mafia families active in America. The members of the organized crime syndicate face charges of racketeering and attempted murder. Some of the people arrested were the Lucchese Family’s Street Boss, Underboss, and Consigliere.

Although there is nothing funny about the crimes committed by these criminals, their nicknames are super hilarious.

A chart of the arrests showed each mafia member’s name and their alias if they had any, listed alongside. In fact, some of these nicknames are downright humorous and straight out of a mafia movie!

Lucchese Crime Family Mafia Nicknames Arrest Report
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When I read nicknames like ‘Wonder Boy’ and ‘Joey Glasses’, I can’t help but think of the comical sidekicks from old-time crime comedies. How can anyone take criminals with nicknames like these seriously? ‘Paulie Roast Beef’ just reminds me of a really delicious sub. And ‘Jimmy the Jew’ is just a bad example of how teachers teach alliteration to fourth-grade kids.





However, the FBI took down the Lucchese Crime Family after one of their inside associates living in Trump Tower in Manhattan was allegedly overheard ordering a murder.

I can’t believe that a member of the mafia ordered a murder from inside the building where the current President of the United States of America was previously living. Wow that’s just freaky!

If you like reading about more crime stories, check out this bank robber who posted his crime on Instagram and is arrested 30 minutes later!

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