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Koalas Forced To Find New and Obscure Homes Due to Deforestation

They’re living in some pretty weird places.


Koalas  dedicate the majority of their average 13-18 years to kicking back and dangling carefree from a eucalyptus tree. This is usually where this miniature and cuddle sized bear is found not only living in, but surviving off of the leaves from the tree; instead of being on the ground where a prey can easily attack. However, due to deforestation, it is  becoming more tedious for these little critters to live in their natural habitat.

The Wildfire & Environment Conservation Organisation in Australia, estimates that the equivalency of over 4,000 rugby fields worth of forestry has been demolished in the Southeast of Queensland from 2013 to 2015. Also, WWF Australia has ran a study indicating that the koala population has decreased by 53% within the last twenty years.

This forces koalas to live on billboard signs, abandoned vehicles and in backyards just to name a few places. Evidently, because koalas are out of their habitat; they are at risk of eating something foreign, getting killed by a speeding car, or even worse by a scared citizen that may spot a koala in the city.

In 2016, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature added koalas to the red list of vulnerable species. Basically, if nothing is done to save the koalas home, then there is a great chance of extinction.

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