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Finding Alien Life: Are We Alone? Do We Want To Be?

Space domination might be closer than we care to think.

Credit: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell/Shutterstock

A new video talks about how being alone in the universe is for the best. 

A new viral video explains why we might not want to live out the dreams of our childhoods. Every child has always wanted to meet an alien, from ET to Master Yoda. But, science says being the furthest to galactic domination is a bad sign.

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The video –  which can be seen below – says that if we were to find life forms on Mars, Europa, or Titan, it would only indicate our own doom.

The video explains that there seems to be a pattern in space domination.  A recurring blockade preventing it from happening. This ‘Great Filter’, as it’s referred to as, can be in one of two places in our species’ evolutionary road: an infant or behind.

If the filter is in-front, of us then alien life means that we are closing in on our blockade, the hurdle that will be our fall. Alien life will mean that we are one, or three, steps closer to the inevitable fall of our lives. These ends could be any of: Planetary destruction ( we ruin our own habitat ending our species), Nuclear War, Super Intelligent AI, or even an accidental Super-Bug.

This filter being in front of us would not be ideal. If it’s behind us, however, it means we might be the first species in the universe, the galaxy to pass through the Great Filter. We might be at the start of a long road to Galactic Domination. How Exciting!

To get to galactic domination we must kill our childhood dreams and heroes, leaving ET, Chewbacca, Spok and all others at home on the shelf whilst we dominate every moon, star, and floating rock we can. 

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