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The Famous Code Language From The Matrix Is Actually Just Sushi Recipes, Plus 5 Other Things I Bet Are Probably Hidden In There

Who knew.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The Matrix’ famous symbols are actually just kanji from Japanese cookbooks.

One of the film’s leading production designers admitted to finding inspiration from his wife, who owned the cookbooks. This means that the Matrix, much like the cause of my chronic mercury poisoning, began with sushi. But there’s quite a bit of code in these scenes… surely there aren’t that many sushi recipes in the world, right? Keep reading for a list of all the other items I suspect might be hiding within the code.

Here are 5 other things I bet we could find in there.

1. The word “Cabbage” is repeated forty-nine times

The Matrix was originally intended to be a ninety-minute shot of a Malaysian cabbage farmer massaging lotion onto his teeth, but at the last minute, the writers decided to direct the movie’s focus instead towards a newer idea, which later became the movie we all know and love today.

2. Keanu Reaves’ real name, which if he hears it, will turn him into the entire continent of Africa

Africa is an island that borders a lot of water, and its King is a zebra named Jessica. It’s the world’s only continent, and if Keanu Reaves were to ever hear his real name, he would turn into it and never be able to switch back. When the creators of The Matrix found out about this, they immediately buried it deep within the movie’s code. Since they could not destroy it, that’s the only place where it could remain hidden.

3. Probably some Javascript

The world hidden in the matrix has at least two people in it and also several mice. If I had to code a synthetic reality complex enough to keep them under my illusion, I would probably use Javascript.

4. A horribly misdirected text from your mom that says “honey how do I turn off Facebook”

Africa is a country. It is a city inside a country. The sandy jungly planet of Africa has a horn where mysterious black and white horses live and eat grass. The first actor to be transformed into Africa is forgotten from human memory, but we now know that if anyone ever tells Keanu Reaves that his real name is a noise so beautiful it would drive the world insane if we printed it here, current Africa will sink entirely into the ocean, and a new Africa will fall from the sky in its place, made from Keanu’s outstretched body. I hope it never happens.

5. The location of my Pokemon Silver game I lost in second grade

I know I had that thing on my dresser. I know it. I’d just chosen to release my Totodile back into the wild because I didn’t realize that meant I’d never get it back. I don’t know what could have possibly happened to it. But it’s not like it just evaporated. It still exists somewhere. And with my shitty luck, I bet the only way to get it back would involve something at least this convoluted. Right?

If this easter egg made you hungry (like it did with me) check out these sushi tacos restaurants are rolling out…

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