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Diving Team Miraculously Solves 7-Year Missing Person Case

Shocking new discovery found by Youtuber diving team at the bottom of a lake…

Credit: Youtube/Adventures with Purpose

The body of 22-year-old Ethan Kazmerzak was finally found after 7 years missing by this team of divers in Hampton, Iowa. The amazing discovery has left everyone speechless and grateful to finally be able to close that chapter. 

Posted on Youtube on the channel Adventures with Purpose, this diving team decided to pick up on some clues from a 7-year pending missing person’s case, and try to solve it themselves. 

Apparently, in 2013 on September 15, 22-year old Ethan Kazmerzak went missing, north of his hometown after a local party. He left a phone call for his mother at 12:15 am, and the call was located to derive from a few hundred yards from where the party was happening. But since then, neither Ethan nor his car, the VW Jetta, have been seen again. 

Adventures with Purpose had instigated the search back in October, airing the episode on the 2 of October, 2020. However, they were prompted to return and try to search for the body again after receiving new information shared from viewers. 

Surprisingly quickly, these new clues set them on the right direction: within only 30 minutes of searching the body of water, they found his car and managed to identify its brand and its license plate to match Ethan’s. 

Youtube/Adventures with Purpose

They called the Sheriff and the Local Police Chief, and organized to meet at the location of Ethan’s car as soon as possible. 

However, they were still uncertain about whether Ethan’s body was also within the car as the windows were still rolled up. Unfortunately, because of protocol, the divers could not discover this themselves, and had to wait for the official police diving team to arrive the next morning to document and recover the discovery of Ethan’s car. 

Youtube/Adventures with Purpose

Only then, when the VW Jetta was properly investigated and brought out of the water, could they confirm that Ethan’s body was in fact in the back seat of his car. This was later officially confirmed by the coroner that examined the remains. 

Ethan’s parents were present, but out of respect for them, their Youtube video does not approach them to ask for further questions.  

It is truly impressive what they managed to uncover, thanks to the help of their viewers sharing more information on the whereabouts of Ethan’s car, and thanks to their skills as divers. 

If you’re interested in the wonders of deep-sea diving, read here about Poland opening the World’s Newest Deepest Dive Pool. 

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