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Conspiracy Theorists Claim Bill Gates is Part of Elite Group Responsible for COVID-19

This is why…

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 24JAN13 - William H. Gates III, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA talks during the session 'The Global Development Outlook' at the Annual Meeting 2013 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 24, 2013. Copyright by World Economic Forum Sebastian Derungs

If you ever read my other articles you’d know I have no tolerance for stupidity. Often times I wonder how people even function on the planet. Anyways, a new conspiracy theory floating around is that Bill Gates created Coronavirus in order to produce a vaccine that has secret tracking devices.

No I’m not joking. This idea quite possibly could have been taken from a movie someone forgot they saw and then fabricated a Bill Gates vendetta.

I did some research. A survey in May was given to a variety of US adult citizens. Of that pool, 71% believed COVID-19 was an inside job. A third of those surveyors even went as way as to say ‘definitely’ or ‘probably true’.

The theory? Leading global elites in our societies, including Bill, planned this mass pandemic in order to scare millions into eventually getting a vaccine. A vaccine that would contain 5G, the stuff cellphone providers use. This would give this secret circle the ability to track each and every one of us.
Twitter user who continuously posts about Bill Gates secret agenda via

*Picture me stepping up onto my soap box*

FIRST of all. I think this isn’t a fear of Bill Gates per say, but of the secrets of Government violence around the world. Do I trust my government? No. Did we elect a narcissistic pedophile who believes that drinking bleach will cure the current pandemic? Yes, yes we did.

Nobody that stupid is finding a way to liquify and inject 5G data control into the veins of millions of people. Second, why would anyone care? If you’re any normal human you probably spend most of your time at any one of three places. Home, work, maybe an extracurricular activity. No one cares about any of us that much unless you’re a terrorist or a spy.

Third, I think people are so desperate to understand the world around them that’s it’s easier to believe these crazy conspiracies rather than face reality. We are over-populating the Earth. When this happens in nature guess what? A lot of the species will be weeded out to restore balance.
Many of Ian56’s followers seem to back up his claim via

There’s too many of us being too reckless. COVID-19 probably isn’t an inside job and it’s also the least of our worries moving forward. An illness that kills 1% of its victim is difficult to watch. But as the Earth begins to shift into an increasingly hostile environment, that’s when real fear will set in amongst the masses.

I think that a vaccine might possibly already exist. With that said, it will be the money maker of the decade, easily. I bet there’s a war going on behind closed doors of who gets to cash in on it. I guess we’ll just wait here and keep dying.

Ending notes: Don’t trust your government. Wear a mask. Find the most unbiased news source you can. Read books. Take a deep breath.

If you’re tired of hearing me rant, check out this article about Elon Musk creating an implant chip that can stream music to your brain. And you think Bill Gates is the one to worry about?

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