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A Possible UFO Found at Area 51 Using Google Earth

Scott Waring, alien hunter, claims to have found a UFO in an older Google Earth map.

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Area 51 is constantly surrounded by conspiracies when it comes to extraterrestrial life. The recent explosion of “Storm Area 51” from Facebook has all of social media wondering what’s really going down in the highly classified Airforce facility. Thanks to Google Earth, alien hunter  Scott Waring has an idea. 

After a comparison of old maps from Google Earth, Waring believes to have uncovered a spaceship at Area 51. In a map from 2010, a large circular object about 100 feet wide is seen. However, in a later map, the object has disappeared. Replacing the suspicious object is a much larger one, only it looks like a hanger hooked up to boxes. A bit strange, right? 

In his Youtube video, Waring explains his findings way more thoroughly. He shows you his process in looking at the different maps and the objects within them. 

 Waring has clearly worked pretty hard on this discovery, as he’s done with many other Google Earth maps. While it’s some evidence, there is still A LOT of questions. Let’s say that the large circular object was a spaceship that Area 51 had on base in the old map, wouldn’t they be more careful as to avoid having pictures taken for something like Google Earth? Maybe bribe Google or have a better way of keeping the object covered? With all Area 51 conspiracies, it seems a bit fishy. Whether the map be true or not, the video’s definitely gained the attention of those in the Area 51 movement, leaving people even more convinced that Area 51’s up to something.  

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