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We Have 200 Years Left To Live On Earth According To Stephen Hawking


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The world is ending, the sky is falling, run over the hills and far away says world renown astrophysicist Dr. Stephen Hawking. Humanity has, over the last few hundred years, taken drastic leaps in technological and industrial expansion and evolution.

These leaps and bounds that have advanced humanity have come at a great cost. Our exponential climb up the technological ladder had exponentially and almost irrevocably damaged and changed our planet’s climate and environment.

Hawking says the human race’s best chance of survival is to leave. Quoting Star Trek The astrophysicist believes we need to take to the stars and boldly go where no one has gone before. Recent studies show that there are more than a few planets that could quite possibly be habitable within 10 light years of our possibly dying planet.

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While many scientists advocate going green as the obvious choice to save the planet and humanity Hawking has chosen to believe that it would be more likely to advance science and technology to expand humanity into space then it would be to turn around the course we have set our planet upon. All in all humans as a species are draining our planet of resources and space and the only alternative to completely backing reusables and green resources is to find new space and resources outside of our world.

He estimates that we have between 200-500 years remaining to subsist on Earth before the world becomes uninhabitable. He cites our growing use of fossil fuels, or expansion into numerous native environments and the continuing destruction of other species on the planet to point out the damage we are doing to the world around us. In centuries past we always found a new land to move on to.

Early humanity moved from Africa to Asia and Europe, and at least twice in human History were there major expansions into the Americas. Hawking remarked on these that there are no more lands on Earth to suddenly expand to and that we must now look to the stars for the future of mankind.

If you want to try to grasp some new pictures of space then head over here for some mind blowing photos.

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