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🧿 The True Meaning Behind The Blue Eye Emoji

Keep your eye out for negative energy

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Ever seen the 🧿 emoji used on social media and wondered what it meant? Well, it turns out that this circular blue icon has a history far pre-dating the creation of the internet. In some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, it is believed that the symbol carries potent spiritual energy, which can ward off even the most wicked thoughts and feelings.

The more common name for this blue orb is the ‘Evil Eye.’ Allegedly, the name refers to a ‘curse’ brought on by the malevolent gaze of those who wish to cause others harm. In many cultures, some dating back thousands of years, the threat of the ‘Evil Eye’ is not to be underestimated. Supposedly, this supernatural force can target anyone unawares, especially those who are the object of envy.

It is common to see the ‘Evil Eye,’ also known as a ‘Nazar,’ on a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet. Wearers of the amulet typically believe that it can block out negative energy and protect them from the curse. However, when Apple released the ‘Evil Eye’ emoji in 2018, people began to use the symbol in a different way: on social media posts.

Credit: @improfessorb / Tiktok

Social media and the Evil Eye

Since social media is primarily a visual format, our gaze plays a fundamental role in how we consume its content. A lot of what we see on platforms like Instagram is people sharing substantial aspects of themselves, their personal achievements, and their best attributes. All of this combined means that ‘eyes’ are continually judging, perceiving, and envying on an unprecedented scale.

For those who believe in the ‘Evil Eye,’ social media is a pandora’s box of ‘voodoo’ and negative energy. Online platforms also rarely ever shy away from the occult, instead providing niche spiritual communities an accessible way to share their beliefs. For instance, members of the ‘WitchTok’ community freely post instructional videos on casting spells or even cursing enemies.

On Tiktok, another trend has emerged where users describe receiving compliments for something they posted on social media, only for it to be lost or ruined soon after. Many of these videos use the hashtag #evileye and/or the 🧿 emoji, as though to associate their experiences with the online spread of negative energy. In the video below (with nearly 4 million likes) a young woman insinuates that the ‘Evil Eye’ has caused damage to her pearly whites:

Credit: @teegaire / Tiktok

Is it time to open our eyes?

Whether the ‘Evil Eye’ is a real threat or not, the orb’s online presence is undoubtedly growing. If you keep your eye out, you may find the symbol anywhere from Instagram captions to quotes on Facebook, or even on your favorite online shop.

Aside from curses and the consequences of over-sharing, the frequent use of the emoji on social media seems to reveal, more than anything, the psychological effects of online spaces and their ability to spread hysteria.

But just in case…


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