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Will ‘The Innocence Files’ Be Your Next Netflix Binge?

More of that true crime goodness!

When it come to binge-able content, Netflix is still crushing it. Disney+ might be hot on its heels but these true crime series are as addictive as ever.

So, a lot of you will have seen their major success Making a Murderer and been outraged at all of the apparent injustice in that documentary. If you’re looking for more in the way of wrongfully accused felons in the US justice system, you’re in luck.

The Innocence Files will chronicle eight people who have been penalised unduly by the US courts and served time in jail because of it.

Check out the trailer!

Credit: Netflix YouTube

Looks dramatic right?

Like Making a Murderer, The Innocence Files will not only focus on the legalities of the cases but also on how it has impacted everyone’s lives. 

In typical Netflix fashion, the production values look top-notch and they seem to have some great cinematographers and documentarians on hand.

No doubt the technicalities of the court systems will get everyone riled up! I was fuming when I learned of Steven Avery’s story so maybe this one will have me equally outraged.

I’ll have to vent my frustrations to friends and family over Zoom or something. Maybe I’ll try not to potato myself like this boss did though.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix YouTube

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