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Will ‘Alice, Darling’ Be Available to Watch on Netflix After Theatres?

Alice, Darling
Image Source: Elevation Pictures

Alice Darling” is one of the Toronto International Film Festival’s more underappreciated, but is still a great movie. The film makes the tragically contemporary theme of domestic and emotional abuse the core conflict in this dramatic intervention story.

The lead actress Anna Kendrick, who often appears in comedies like ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ and ‘Pitch Perfect,’ gets to show off her criminally underrated dramatic abilities in a movie that gives a new perspective on abuse. Along with Kendrick, the film also stars Charlie Carrick as Simon, Kaniehtiio Horn, and WunmiMosaku as Tess and Sophie, friends of Alice.

Kendrick portrays a lady confined to a co-dependent relationship with her rude boyfriend, Simon, but after a trip with her two female friends, she starts to rethink her life and tries to leave him. Unfortunately, Simon’s anger has no boundaries. 

On January 20, 2023, Lionsgate exclusively released “Alice, Darling” in AMC theatres. The film had its global debut at the Toronto International Film Festival the previous year. No streaming providers are permitted to provide Alice, Darling Movie for free. However, platforms like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll would undoubtedly purchase the movie.

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There are no platforms available to watch the movie Alice, Darling online. As a result of the film’s overwhelming popularity, MAPPA has decided to release it exclusively in cinemas. Around six months after it hits cinemas, Starz will begin streaming Alice, Darling. After that, it should switch to Peacock before returning to Starz. The movie will likely be available for streaming in June. Of course, if you want to go immediately, you may see the film online for a month or two after it premieres.

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