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Why Did Kate And Tully Stop being Friends In Firefly Lane? (Spoilers)

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One of the greatest mysteries in the first season of Firefly Lane is – why Tully and Kate stopped being friends after 30 years. After the first season ends, Tully tries to attend Bud’s funeral to show her respect, but Kate tells her that she never wants to see Tully again.

The first part of Firefly Lane season 2 deals with this mystery and finally catches us up to the 2005 storyline. We get to know what exactly happened between Tully and Kate to lead to their ultimate friendship breakup.

What did Tully do to Kate in Firefly Lane?

In 2004, Marah went to spend the night at Tully’s house so that Kate and Johnny could meet each other over a romantic weekend. Meanwhile, Marah receives a text from Ashley inviting her to the movies. Although Marah is grounded, Tully can’t say refuse her goddaughter and lets her go out with Ashley.

However, later that night, she receives a call from Marah. Ashley took her to a frat party to meet her ex-boyfriend and left Marah alone. Marah started kissing a guy there but attempted to take things too far.

As Tully thought she’d be in for the night, she consumed a few glasses of wine. However, when she gets the call from Marah, she immediately goes to pick her up.

On the way home, Marah and Tully get T-boned by a car and end up in the hospital. After the police arrive, they figure out Tully is driving under the influence. Even though the accident wasn’t her mistake, the story turns into a massive scandal as Tully gets arrested for drunk driving.

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