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When is ‘The Crown’ Season 5 Coming to Netflix?

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Image Credit: Netflix

There are many different types of series on Netflix, but we will explore what is new and coming soon. When do you think that The Crown season 5 will be released?

As we get into the fall season, some of your favourite shows likely will return. The Crown is one of the shows you’ll want to watch. It’s not on Netflix’s list of arrivals in October, but since it already knew Netflix was planning a November release date, that doesn’t come as a surprise.

After Netflix released its October list, the streaming service finally confirmed the “The Crown” season 5 release date. Long-time fans won’t have to wait much longer.

When will The Crown season 5 come to Netflix?

Netflix released an announcement saying that the release date for The Crown was confirmed at TUDUM. We’ll get the series on Wednesday, Nov 9.

A show on Netflix is usually released on Fridays, but now their releases are happening more often. They look at The Last Kingdom and Locke and Key to find evidence of a Wednesday release.

The fact that there is a rise in binge-watching during weekday evenings should not be a cause for concern. The studio already announced plans to produce season 6, which means it may have stopped since Queen Elizabeth’s death. But production is now beginning again.

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