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When is ‘Rostered On’ Season 3 Episode 8 Coming to YouTube?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Rostered On is an ongoing Australian single-camera web series that debuted on April 4th 2017. Written and directed by Ryan Chamley, the show provides a clear picture of the inner workings of a retail shop, specifically, the Electro world.

The show came out on Netflix on April 4th 2018, but was removed from streaming giant on June 12th 2022. Now, you can enjoy the show on YouTube as all episodes are available for streaming on the platform.

The third season of the show was released on October 30th, 2022 and focused on the counter girls, who couldn’t get enough of gossiping and judging any customer that walked into the store.

The third season‘s seventh episode featured a customer returning to Electroworld to return a “Faulty” slow cooker, and he argued that the cooker was too slow for his food. The assistant manager was seen trying to be more confident by playing a girl boss, and she even put Adam’s badge and refunded the customers. Beeanca was behaving differently as well and tried the role as well, and she even gave orders to Winston.

The upcoming episode is scheduled to be released on YouTube on December 18th, 2022, at 9:00 am ET. According to some viewers, the show is amateurishly written and has bush-league production values. It is produced by Stephen Luby, Ryan Chamley, Mark Ruse, and Stu Ross.

The show stars Nick Boshier, Doug Lyons, Tara Vagg, Diana Brumen, Susie Kazda, Jack Garnett, Stephen Francis, Liam Murphy, Paul Moore, Ronn Kurtz, Adam Balales, Steph Evison Williams, Sreed Sathiamoorthy, and Luke Saliba.

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