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‘1899’: What Were the Black, Crystal-Like Protrusions Called the “Virus”?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest mystery series, 1899, is another mind-bending story from the Dark creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese 1899. It guarantees to enthral viewers with its twisty narrative and complicated puzzles.

The show raised many questions, one of which is -What were the black, crystal-like protrusions in 1899?

The show doesn’t tell us about the black stuff or how it works. However, we see Henry Singleton and Daniel refer to it as the “virus.” The black substance seems to be a physical manifestation of the virus influencing the simulation when it’s about to be deleted.

When Daniel tries to work with the console on the ship, he makes the virus much worse and causes it to spread even more. At the end of the season, the black stuff, which looks similar to whatever the black pyramid is made of, becomes increasingly aggressive as the season progresses and the simulation breaks down.

Mrs. Wilson touches the stuff by mistake when it starts leaking through a window, and it eats away her hand, gradually taking over her body till parts of her start disintegrating. It’s like what happens to Kerberos in the season finale when the simulation counts down toward deletion.

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