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What is Netflix’s Latest Documentary Series ‘The Anthrax Attacks’ About?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Netflix has lately been putting a lot of effort into its documentaries and docu-series. The audience seems to receive it quite well, so it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. The latest documentary, The Anthrax Attacks, is about to arrive on Netflix.

Just one week after the September 11th attacks in 2001, news media offices sent numerous letters containing anthrax spores. One can imagine how this made an already scary time even worse. This new documentary looks deeper into what exactly happened.

The documentary tells us the story through actors’ reenactments, including Clark Gregg from Agents of SHIELD. The documentary is directed by the Oscar-nominated director Dan Krauss, and he directed the documentary short Extremis.

More specifically, The Anthrax Attacks informs us about the story of the week after September 11th. Five Americans were killed, and at least 17 people fell ill from the mailed anthrax.

The doc portrays the panic and paranoia of the time. No one knew who the culprit was or who would be the next victim of the anthrax letter. It also didn’t help that the fear of deadly poison was added to the fear from the terror attack that had occurred a week before the letters appeared.

The film involves the FBI investigating what is considered one of the worst biological attacks in American history.



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