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‘Westworld’ Has Just Teased Two Cool New Worlds For Its Upcoming Season!

It looks just as epic as the first season!

Westworld will wow its fans with the new worlds they hinted at!

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At the Vanity Fair Summit, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa joy, the creators of Westworld, hinted at two new theme parks for season two.

In the 1973 version, Michael Crichton’s original movie had featured two parks. The Roman world and the Medieval world. When asked why these two worlds weren’t in the first season, the creators responded: “We had to save something for season 2!”

In the season one finale, they implied there would be a new adventure park, Samurai World, which would open its doors in the upcoming season. The new Westworld doll, Musashi Mivamoto, is an expert Japanese swordsman and rōnin. If there’s any any changes in the show, this piece of information is surely an indication of one of them.

Just a year ago, Nolan answered a question similar to the one from the Vanity Fair Summit at ComicCon. A fan asked them if Roman World and Medieval world would exist in their show’s universe. He had tried to avoid answering question, possibly because of spoilers, but in the end he answered no.

Seems like this time around, he didn’t deny it even if he indirectly answered the question. While we aren’t sure, whether Nolan was joking about the addition of new worlds or not, it won’t be long before we find out! The show will make it’s comeback in Spring of 2018!

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