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Watch The Teaser Trailer For Black Mirror’s Fourth Series

Get hyped for more of the show!

Black Mirror is a unique show. In a time when every story is spread over multiple episodes, it’s an anthology of one-offs without room for sequels.

In a time when franchising and dependency on recognizable names are rampant, creator Charlie Brooker writes original content with few popular actors. And in a time when teaser trailers give away all the good parts, the one for the coming fourth series only reveals one thing: episode titles.

What We Know About Black Mirror Series Four

Neither the names nor the handful of clips say much about Series Four’s six episodes. However, they offer tantalizing hints. What does it mean for “Metalhead” to be the show’s first black-and-white episode? Could “Black Museum” comment on contemporary inflamed racial tensions throughout the West? What happens to a Star Trek­-type space adventure like “USS McCallister” when approached with Brooker’s acerbic pessimism?

We don’t know what these episodes will be about, but we do know who made them happen. Variety has the full list of directors and primary cast members online. “Arkangel” stands out because it will feature the show’s first female director: actress Jodie Foster. She previously directed two episodes of Orange is the New Black and one of House of Cards. Otherwise, there aren’t exactly any “A-listers” involved, though you may recognize a few faces.

And that’s okay. Black Mirror hasn’t needed many since it started on England’s Channel 4 in 2013. The show’s exposure and acclaim have grown so much since then, especially after Netflix picked it up and brought it to a wider audience. It’s won Emmys and Peabody Awards, and Brooker shows no signs of slowing down.

(Source: Christian Post)

So yeah, the teaser trailer could have offered more than titles and scattered shots. Marvel has the most popular characters on the planet, and their teaser trailers still include dramatic moments and action shots. But Netflix knows that to energize the fanbase, this is all they need.

… But a release date would have been nice. All the trailer says about that is “Coming Soon.”

Want more Black Mirror hype? Read this article about a coming book series based on the show!

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