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WATCH: Is This The Greatest TV Ad Ever Made?

Forget everything you thought you knew about ladders!

Credit: YouTube/Murphy Ladder

Do you need or want a new ladder? You will after watching this epic video about the Murphy Ladder!

The charismatic Ladder Luchador – presenter of the Murphy Ladder – makes a convincing 3 and ½ minute case as to why you need the product in question for your home. With a perfect balance of comedy and common sense, it’s hard not to agree that such a ladder would make a great addition to your home tools.

Convenient by being easy to store and use, the Murphy Ladder has an impressive range of tasks it can be used for. It’s essentially the Swiss Army Knife of ladders. The most relatable situation that would be great to have a Murphy Ladder for was the mention of using “dinky step stools” or “wobbly chairs” in place of a more practical choice when needing to change a light bulb or two.

Credit: YouTube/Murphy Ladder

A moment in the video that served as a pleasant surprise came when the Ladder Luchador asks a very important question most of us most likely asked ourselves: If it folds so easy, how can it possibly be stable? We’re then presented with a rather funny, yet great representation of the ladder’s impressive structural integrity. Time and time again, the product is able to successfully back up its claims of being awesome with top-notch visual examples.

Credit: YouTube/Murphy Ladder

Besides the entertaining presenter, dialogue, and visuals, it was also extremely interesting to note that the product was invented by a firefighter and is used by fire departments across the country. According to the video, the Murphy Ladder is “built contractor tough, but convenient for your home.” It also doesn’t hurt that shipping is free, the product is sent straight to your door, and – if you’re not satisfied –there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The slogan for the product reads, “The best ladder in your home, is one you’ll actually use.” After watching the video, it’s hard not to agree with the advertisement. Nowadays, convenience and practicality are becoming vital traits for successful products. Thank you to the Ladder Luchador and the Murphy Ladder for delivering such an awesome product with an even more awesome video.

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