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WATCH: A Trailer for Documentary About the World’s Most Dangerous Water Park Has Been Released

“There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!”

Featured Image Credit: HBOmax/ Youtube

HBO has released a trailer for a documentary centred around Action Park, an amusement and waterpark located in New Jersey, which has been coined the ‘world’s most dangerous’ amusement park. One voiceover comment in the trailer has labelled the documentary Class Action Park as a ‘true crime story.’

The documentary named ‘Class Action Park’ will explore the failures which led the park to be closed down in 1996, 19 years after it originally opened in 1978. 

Credit: HBOmax/ YouTube

The trailer hones in on the daring rides, slides and features of the park that led to a number of fatalities – including decapitation, electrocution and drowning.

Credit: HBOmax/ YouTube

The dangerous rides, such as the loop-round slides pictured above, led to a number of injuries leading one commenter in the trailer to state “if you couldn’t swim well, yikes.”

The documentary also explores the behind the scenes of Action Park and the criminality of its owner, which has led to many comments on twitter, one of which read “Class Action Park makes Fyre Festival look like an upstanding business. It’s bonkers.”

The thrilling documentary will be released August 27th 2020 and it looks like a must-watch!

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