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‘Violent Night’ Age Rating: Is it Okay to Watch with Kids?

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Image Credit: 87North Productions

The film Violent Night was directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller.

The film premiered worldwide at the New York Comic Con on October 7th, 2022.

The cast involves:

David Harbour as Santa Claus,
● John Leguizamo as Jimmy Scrooge,
● Alex Hassell as Jason Lightstone,
● Alexis Louder as Linda Matthews,
● Cam Gigandet as Morgan Steele,
● Edi Patterson as Alva Steele-Lightstone,
● Beverly D’Angelo as Gertrude Lightstone,
● Brendan Fletcher as Krampus,
● André Eriksen as Gingerbread, and
● Alexander Elliot as Bertrude “Bert” Steele.

Why is Violent Night rated R?

This film has been rated R. According to IMDB, and the film includes some sexual references, coarse language, and intense, bloody violence. Judging by the pun-laden title and the poster, viewers can understand that the movie will give a darker spin on a Christmas-themed story. This film will involve fighting, a ton of guns and stabbing scenes.

Characters are hit with hand-held weapons and blunt objects, causing a lot of blood to be thrown around on the screen. The not-so-family-friendly feature gained industry attention in early March through an article published on Deadline. It’s better to avoid watching this movie with your kids, and the gore in this film is enough to make you rethink your decision about bringing everyone, young and even old, to the theatre to watch with you.

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