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Unsolved Mysteries’ Tiffany Valiante Case Update: What’s Happened Since?

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3, Unsolved Mysteries
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New episodes of Unsolved Mysteries will be available for the next three weeks on Netflix. Many may think this show is a mockery of cold cases, but the documentaries in each volume are intriguing and creepy stories.

But that doesn’t mean the friends and family behind each cold case stop looking for answers once the cameras stop rolling. Fortunately, several episodes of Unsolved Mysteries were solved, and we’re hoping that trend continues.

What happened to Tiffany Valiante?

As for the third season of Unsolved Mysteries, we watched an 18-year-old named Tiffany Valiante from New Jersey, who died after disappearing one night in 2015. The story’s dramatic storyline shocked her loved ones, and she quickly ruled a suicide.

Tiffany’s parents and other relatives were not convinced she would kill herself, and details about what lead up to her death suggested that she might have been kidnapped or running away from someone. Sadly, the episode leaves us with despair as the family struggles for closure.

Tiffany Valiante case updates

For now, it seems as though Tiffany’s family has been unsuccessful in their fight to find the individual who killed her in the past few months. However, possible new developments could be on the horizon for this case. In an interview with New Jersey Patch, Stephen and Dianne Valiante doubled the award for information about Tiffany’s death to $40,000.

Just last week, the family’s attorney Paul D’Amato released the following statement from Stephen and Dianne:

“We know every day Tiffany is looking down on us, giving us the strength to help find those who snatched her and were responsible for her death just before she started her incredibly. Promising college career. We know many others who also believe Tiffany’s death was not suicide, that there was a rush to judgement to close the case, and that the real story of how and why she died has yet to be told. The combination of this new, deeply-researched, fact-based program, and the increased reward, might be necessary to help get Tiff’s case reopened.”

After doing a deep dive into the new episode in Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3, Tiffany’s family is hopeful they will get to the bottom of it. Earlier this year, as reported by Patch NJ, D’Amato talked about how bad an investigation NJ Transit did in the original case saying:

“Due to compromised or lost evidence, which included a bloody axe found at the scene, the nationally recognized forensic DNA lab’s report was incomplete and inconclusive. I share the parents’ belief that there are those who know what really happened to cause Tiff’s death, but they’ve yet to come forward.”

We hope this documentary reveals more information about the death of Tiffany and that people come forward with anything they know about it.

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