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‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: “Mystery at Mile Marker 45”

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Unsolved Mysteries is back with another spine-chilling installment that takes you on a journey exploring unresolved cases of murder, disappearances, UFOs, and more. The show will be releasing episodes over three weeks this time around, starting with the first three episodes on Tuesday, Oct. 18. The first three stories are gripping accounts of people gone too soon and an intriguing episode about a potential extraterrestrial sighting.

Netflix debuted its critically-acclaimed Unsolved Mysteries in 2020, which is now found on the streaming service. The original show first aired in 1987 on NBC; it has also been on different networks. If you’re familiar with the newest series, you know the stories get just as creepy as ever.

We’re going to watch and recap the three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 on Netflix. This new series just went on the streaming service, so we’ll give you insight into each of the first three stories. The first one will surely have your head scratching!

Unsolved Mysteries season 3 episode 1 recap: “Mystery at Mile Marker 45.”

Tiffany Valiante, an 18-year-old woman from New Jersey, seemed like an all-American girl: she was getting good grades in school, excelling at sports, and had a smile that lit up a room. One night in 2015, after a party, those loving friends and family left her home and hours later, Tiffany went missing and was found dead just hours later, her loved ones did not believe the supposed cause of death.

What happened to Tiffany Valiante?

One woman, Tiffany, was taken by a subway train in New Jersey when she was struck by the train at around 11:00 p.m. She was soon ruled suicide with no signs of foul play evident. Among the evidence against this is that some of her clothes were missing, and she had been walking without shoes when she died. Her family found her phone miles away from the site of her last moments on earth.

It didn’t take long for her family to be suspicious of the situation. They suspected she was kidnapped, either trying to run away from someone or maybe even thrown out of a moving vehicle on the train tracks.

Tiffany had a few interesting details about her life that aren’t widely known. One of them was that she’d recently broken up with her girlfriend, but the split was amicable, and she was in good spirits. That’s what her family members have been told, at least. She’d also been texting a woman shortly after this event and got into an argument with one of her friends the night Tiffany went missing. Why would she need a debit card? Was she trying to flee from someone?

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