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Top 10 Drive-In Theatres in the US

Covid-19 is bringing back this popular 1950’s hangout spot!

Image from Four Brothers Drive In/ Facebook

Drive-in movie theatres are commonly associated with the 1950s when they became popular. They have something for everyone: perfect for a family outing, but also a cheap yet romantic date night option. Though many thought drive-in theatres would soon become obsolete, during the coronavirus pandemic they spiked in popularity, providing a public, yet socially distanced viewing experience. Here are the top 10 screens to visit in the USA. 

Image from Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre / Facebook

California: Mission Tiki Drive-In

This Montclair-based drive-in is the perfect spot to visit if you’re missing the tropics. It doubles as an open-air market, where over 300 vendors gather Wednesdays through Sundays from 6am-2pm to sell everything from wholesale goods to hand-me-downs. Definitely an interesting place to explore!

Colorado: Holiday Twin Drive-In

This drive-in offers double-features of both classics and new releases, and holds historic value in being the oldest drive-in in the state. If you’re missing concerts during Covid-19, this is a great drive in to visit, as they organise car concert events like their “drive and jive”. Definitely worth checking out.

Image from The Spud DriveIn / Facebook

Idaho: The Spud Drive-In Theater

The Spud drive-in offers an experience like no other, combining the nostalgic experience of a drive-in while surrounding visitors in beautiful nature. The theatre has many photo opportunities, from their signature giant potato to their gorgeous mountain views. Covid-19 dependent, they also offer overnight cabins for rent for visitors, for those searching for a nostalgic and beautiful weekend getaway.

Illinois: Midway Drive-In Theatre

This drive-in theatre will definitely take visitors back to the 1950s. From the old fashioned diner, the retro spaceship ticket-booth, to the old classics they show, this is definitely the place to go if you want a classic drive-in experience.

Massachusetts: Mendon Twin Drive-In

This 64-year-old drive-in is another classic to visit. They stay true to their history with their retro decorations, while also making use of the beautiful nature they are in. Apart from the old classics they show on their screen, they offer a 5000 square foot patio and beer garden, as well as fire pits, and a giant Super Slide for kids. This is definitely a place to visit if you’re wanting a classic, family experience with a retro-feel.

Image from Douglas Tanner / Facebook

Michigan: Capri Drive In

This drive-in in Coldwater is located on what used to be the main road between Detroit and Chicago, with this drive-in located right on its halfway point, hosting many travellers in its time. Because of its popular history, it has an old-school charm and offers a classic drive-in experience. Movies start at sundown, and they sometimes offer drive-in concerts.

New York: Four Brother’s Drive in

This theatre is located less than 2 hours from NYC, and they are the newest drive-in in America, though they have retro touches. They show 80’s classics, and offer a range of other activities, like mini-golf, and of course, a variety of food trucks. Their food is locally sourced and homemade, creating a very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Washington: Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre

This theatre, established in 1959, shows double features every night, from classics to new releases. They have a well-stocked snack bar serving pizza and sandwiches, and a go-kart track, and occasional concerts. They also offer great prices, costing $6.50 per adult and $1 for children.

Wisconsin: Stardust Drive In Theater

This family-friendly theatre shows double-features under the stars and has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. They occasionally stage old fashioned car shows, and each show has a circus-style wagon for children to play on before the movie begins. They also offer nostalgic snacks, such as cotton candy and ice cream floats.

Across America: Walmart

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Walmart has begun offering free showings of films in the parking lots of their stores, all across America. They show recent films like Wonder Woman and Black Panther, and classics like Ghostbusters, The Wizard of Oz, and E.T.

If you aren’t in the USA, or don’t have access to a drive-in theatre but still want in on the movie-loving fun, check out The 10 Most Popular Movies on Netflix Right Now. 

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