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Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’ Returning to Theatres

‘The Room’ returning to American cinemas soon!

Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room' Source: Press

The film which has been suggested to be ‘one of the worst films ever’ is making a dramatic comeback. On January 10th, 2018 in America ‘The Room’ will be screened in more than 500 cinemas.

Initially being released in 2003, the film was screened for just two weeks in two cinemas in Los Angeles. The film itself, from what I can gather is enigmatic. Its intention is to parallel Tommy Wiseau’s own dramatic life, however, the feature has been hit with numerous terrible reviews.

26% from Rotten Tomatoes. 3.6/10 from IMDb. 9% from Metacritic. These scathing reviews from the top online movie critiques hardly entice people to watch. Having been such a diabolical failure of a film in the first film, I am questioning why on Earth it’s making such a momentous comeback.

A Film People Love To Hate?

The only possible reason I can see which would warrant 500 cinemas showing the ‘masterpiece’ is that it’s so bad it’s good. From what I have inferred from various reviews is that the film has a surprisingly normal plot; however, this is where it goes downhill. But, as my knowledge of the film is very limited I suggest you watch it yourself- find out whether the critic’s cruel words are entirely unfounded or not.

Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage via Getty Images

A Remake?!

Wiseau’s film has most recently inspired James Franco’s latest film, ‘The Disaster Artist’. Franco’s attempt at a homage to Tommy Wiseau’s has, however, received much higher acclaim. With suggestions that it is one of the best films of the year and has even been nominated for golden globes- perhaps this has inspired a newfound interest in the cult classic.

If watching movies is your thing you should definitely check out John Boyega’s role in new film ‘Detroit’.

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