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Title of the First ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Episode Leaked Online

The first episode of the final season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has been revealed by the Duffer brothers.


“Stranger Things” fans can rejoice today. After the highly anticipated release of season four, fans have been anticipating any new information about the progression of the series.

Wait no longer, the Duffer brothers have released the title of episode one of season five.

Credit: @Stranger_Things via Twitter

The first episode of the final “Stranger Things” season is called “The Crawl.”

Fans, as they always do, have taken to the theories immediately. They have been theorizing using Dungeons and Dragons lore, or connecting threads to Eddie Munson.

Credit: @WISEKNIGHT via Twitter
Credit: @Djo_Keery via Twitter

A poster for season five has come out, revealing that it will be in volumes again and released in 2024.

Credit: @StrangerNews11

Other fans are dealing with the end of an era.

Credit: @cleradintruther via Twitter

The hit series was first released on Netflix in 2016, captivating fans immediately. Although we do not know when the series is projected to end, it has been nearly a decade of entertainment and anticipation that has swept the nation.

We can theorize about what “The Crawl” means all we want, but we’re going to have to wait until 2024 to figure it out.

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