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‘The Watcher’: Is the 657 Boulevard House a Real Place?

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Looking for a spooky new show you’ll have on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next? The Watcher is released today, Thursday, October 13, and shouldn’t be missed.

It seems that The Watcher, a show starring Naomi Watts, will take the top spot as Netflix’s most popular show this weekend. It is also written and directed by a team of creators, including Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan (who currently hold the #1 spot with Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story), so we won’t be surprised by this.

Is 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey, a real place?

The TV show The Watcher family settles down in New Jersey. Is this real? We’re here to make sure that everything is true! The Netflix show may have changed names, but many of the events are true. The main characters are based on real-life people, Derek and Maria Broaddus. They bought their six-bedroom home at 657 Boulevard for $1.35 million in 2014.

The idea for the story was introduced in another article from The Cut. Reportedly, the new owners haven’t received any mystery letters since closing the home deal years ago. In the same article, The Cut claims that nobody has come up with anything new and that leads are still being followed up.

The Cut has cited Westfield, New Jersey, as one of America’s safest and wealthiest communities. This is the result of a site called Neighborhood Scout adding the town to their list of 30 safest communities in the country in 2014.

The Patch reports that 657 Boulevard is owned by two people, Andrew Carr and Allison Carr. You can learn about the interior of the infamous spot here.

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