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The Trailer for ‘You’ Season 4 Just Dropped

What is Joe or Professor Jonathan Moore going to do this season?

What's going to happen next? Credit: Netflix

One of Netflix’s best original series is coming back in less than a month and the suspense is already building. You season 4 is streaming on February 9th and it seems like Joe Goldberg has more twists for us than ever before. Searching for Marianne seems to be the least of his concern. But let’s face it, he’ll find her.

Joe Goldberg now goes by professor Jonathan Moore, teaching at a University in London, making new friends with a rich, cliquey crowd, and of course, letting his usual tendencies creep back in. As he says, laying low is key to being able to blend in and not raise any suspicions.

Let’s not forget, he’s supposed to be dead after he killed Love and burned their house down with both of them inside and giving Henry up for adoption. So if he finds Marianne, wouldn’t she send all of that into chaos and expose his real truth? Professor Jonathan Moore has bigger problems now though.

Hello You

How much longer can Joe keep this up? Credit: Netflix

This new group of people Joe is entangled with looks to be similar to Love and Forty’s friends so he should remember how to deal with that kind of crowd. Here’s a list of his new potential victims:

fiercely loyal art gallery director’ Kate (Charlotte Ritchie), an outspoken literature major called Nadia (Amy Leigh Hickman), ‘irreverent author’ Rhys (Ed Speleers), the wild aristocratic socialite Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) and her boyfriend Adam (Lukas Gage), entrepreneur Sophie (Niccy Lin) and her ‘introverted author brother’ Simon (Aidan Cheng), privileged Oxford grad Gemma (Eve Austin), a potty-mouthed former athlete called Connie (Dario Coates) and Nigerian princess-cum-cryptocurrency aficionado Blessing (Ozioma Whenu).


Anyone of those people could be his next victim(s). But Professor Jonathan Moore promises to focus on academia and being professional at all times. Fans know that is not going to happen. And with season 4 being split into two parts, part one streaming February 9th and part two streaming March 9th, the twists and turns and drama is bound to be higher than ever.

Plus, fans know Joe is always going to be Joe. He can change his name and adopt a new lifestyle but he will always be Joe, drawn to women and killing them when they threaten to expose him. Can February 9th get here any faster? Who else is ready to get into this and what are your thoughts about where this season will go? Leave comments below.

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