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The Tiger King Returns! “Surviving Joe Exotic” Series to be Released This Week

All new Joe Exotic content is being released by Animal Planet showing more about the lives of the tigers!

All new Joe Exotic content is being released by Animal Planet showing more about the lives of the tigers!

If by any chance you were reminiscing the peak of lockdown activities – i.e. obviously binging through Netflix’s hit docuseries “Tiger King” – then rest assured, there is more to come! 

Animal Planet is releasing a new docuseries on July 25, “Surviving Joe Exotic”, which will explain the lives of the many tigers that were released from Exotic’s care after his arrest in 2019.

Joseph Maldonado Passage (alias Joe Exotic) was arrested last year and is serving 22 years in prison for hiring a hit man to kill his arch enemy, Carole Baskin, of the Big Cats Rescue, and also for committing a series of violations against the Endangered Species Act (he killed five tigers). 

The new series will shed light onto his last moments before he was locked up and had to close his zoo and will also focus on the business of breeding and selling of his tigers.

Viewers can expect to follow the lives of multiple of Exotic’s former tigers, such as the blind Kryxis and Kadira who regained their vision after being admitted at the Exotic Feline Rescue Centre in Indiana; and also how the lions Chobe and Kariba were cured of their trauma from in-breeding at the Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary in Oregon. 

Image via Flickr

In the series, there will also be appearances from familiar faces such as Saff Saffery, one of Exotic’s ex-employees. There will also be confessionals from exotic animal experts, rescue leaders, and individuals with firsthand knowledge of the exotic animal trafficking empire. 

Watch the trailer below: 

A documentary press teases what the new show will entail: 

“Paired with never-before-seen footage of Joe filmed for Animal Planet’s Wolves and Warriors in 2018, audiences will witness the stories of animals who were caught in the crossfire of Joe Exotic’s big cat breeding business, and the heartwarming stories of those that found new homes after the G.W. Zoo.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

So, if you were curious about the livelihood of the cats themselves, rest assured that your answers will be found in Animal Planet’s new docuseries. 

If still you cannot get enough of Joe Exotic, then there are more “Tiger King” Inspired projects coming your way! Such as Nicholas Cage’s starring as him in a new feature length film, a miniseries based on Carole Baskin played by Kat McKinnon, and (perhaps one of the most interesting mysteries we were left with after the show) ID has announced a new documentary that will delve deeper into the disappearance of Baskin’s ex-husband…

If you can’t wait, then watch here how Carole Baskin got pranked by two Youtubers to give her first ever fake interview after the show’s release! 

Featured image via Surviving Joe Exotic – Trailer (2020) 

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