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‘The Santa Clauses’: Where to Watch, Cast, Official Trailer, Plot and More

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Image Credit: Disney +

The Santa Clauses is a new Christmas comedy miniseries that promises to include just as much family and heart fun as the original movies, with many cast members returning, including Allen, David Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf, Elizabeth Mitchell as Mrs. Claus, and more.

The new show follows Scott Calvin as he nears his 65th birthday and realizes that he can’t stay Santa Claus forever. It’s time to find the perfect replacement for him and get retired. But with kids, a big family, and countless elves to please.

Is The Santa Clauses on Netflix?

Since The Santa Clauses is the latest addition to a popular franchise, is there a chance we will stream The Santa Clauses on Netflix? Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen because it is a Disney television show, and They both are not on the best of terms these days.

The two companies have reportedly severed ties, and I don’t see that changing. Netflix used to get Disney content, such as MCU films and even some of the newer Star Wars movies, is no longer the case.

If you want to watch The Santa Clauses, you must get a Disney+ subscription. The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses will be released on Wednesday, Nov. 16, followed by one new episode airing weekly on Wednesdays through Dec. 14.

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