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The Most Embarrassing End To A Date Airs On First Dates Ireland

It’s pretty painful to watch.

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We all know and love the hit TV show First Dates, with its mix of tear-jerking, heartwarming and often cringe-worthy moments. It’s probably one of the best easy-to-watch shows that there is.

Possibly the most hideously awkward moment to air on the show happened during a recent episode of the Irish version of the show, during a date between Aidan and Siobhan.

Aidan obviously thinks he’s quite the comedian, but throughout their entire date Siobhan looked completely unimpressed, and it seemed like she was not in the least bit interested in him.

Although to be honest, I don’t think I would have been impressed if someone kept going on and on about how long it must have taken me to do my makeup either.

However, when it came to the pair deciding whether they want to see one another again, it was in fact Aidan who said he didn’t want to see Siobhan again.

Siobhan genuinely looked really gutted, and said she would have liked to see him again/ Talk about a plot twist.

To round off all of the awkward pauses, and uncomfortable body language in the clip, the couple then slowly descend in the elevator, a clip complete with further silence and awkward giggles from Siobhan.

You will have so much second hand embarrassment watching this trust me. Check the clip out below:

Honestly I feel a bit sorry for Siobhan in the end, although maybe Aidan would have picked up on the signals a bit more if she hadn’t sat stony faced the entire way through the date. Who knows?

For more in the world of cringe-y TV moments, take a look at this guy’s horrendously awkward moment on Love At First Kiss, it’s possibly more painful to watch than Aidan and Siobhan.

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