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The Last Of Us Makers Confirm Season 3 Won’t Have Any Cliché Gay Tropes

The Last Of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The creator of “The Last of Us” explains how their show’s third episode expanded the emotional storyline that avoids certain cliché tropes focusing on gay characters in media. “The Last of Us” is an HBO series adapted from the hit series of Naughty Dog PlayStation games. Season 1 of this series will bring down the actual game events of 2013 to television. This series shows an infected Cordyceps fungus stain that spreads quickly in the global population, which overwhelms humanity and turns some folk into cannibalistic and ravenous monsters. 

This American post-apocalyptic series shows smuggler Joel Miller, tasked with escorting the teenage girl Ellie Williams across a post-apocalyptic world, joining hands together to fulfill the unscathed mission to avoid the infected.

The creator Mazin explained the production of the third episode of “The Last of Us” in a more extensive article where he explained how this episode adapted the character of Bill and his partner Frank’s relationship that avoids the harmful andcliché tropes around gay characters in media. The creator also explained that the series ensured that the self-contained story about the relationship between Frank and Bill was to avoid contributing to the harmful trope; they did not use them as an instrument to create an account of a straight character. 

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The creator also explained the changes in the television show, where he mentioned that gay people’s relationship is always self-contained. The events leading up to the meeting of Ellie and Joel with Bill are the same situation derived from the original game, but this new series changes the story of Bill and gives him more exploration and a prominent role. 

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