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‘The L Word Generation Q’ Season 3, Episode 7: Release Date, How to Watch & Recap

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Image Credit: Showtime

The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7’s release date is finally here. Fans of this show are excited to know more about the upcoming episode.

Here is a brief recap regarding the game:-

Alice takes her employees to a remote retreat for them to take a look at the psychoactive properties of ayahuasca. This tree drug can lead to hallucinations, and it can also be used to unlock one’s mind to universal ideas. Alice then convinces Shane to accompany her.

Because of her bad luck in romance, Alice is also in a muddle. Finley is concerned that Sophie won’t be able to assist Finley in buying a vehicle. They hope that the cosmos will answer their important concerns about marriage and romance when they are high on ayahuasca.

Release Date of The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7

The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7 is going to be released on Sunday, January 1st, 2023. The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7 is supposed to air on Showtime in the US at 8 pm.

For International fans,The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7 will air at
1 am GMT on January 2nd,
6.30 am IST on January 2nd,
12 pm AEDT on January 2nd and
7 pm CST.

The L Word Generation Q S3 Episode 7: How To Watch

The L Word Generation Q Season 3 Episode 7 is supposed to stream on the Showtime app, FuboTV, Amazon Prime video, and Roku premium channel at the times that we have mentioned above.

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