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‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’: Watch Zac Efron Deliver Booze in Warzone in Apple TV+’s Trailer

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Image Credit: Apple TV

The Greatest Beer Run Ever is certainly a title that attracts audiences. This new Apple TV+ movie is based on a true story and is supposed to premiere on 30th September, Friday.

Some productions make the viewers wonder if an actual person did something or experienced something like that. This Zac Efron-led film is one of those.

The other cast members that will be joining Efron on screen are –

Russell Crow as Coates,
Bill Murray as The Colonel,
Ruby Ashbourne Serkis as Christine,
Jake Picking as Rick Duggan,
Will Ropp as Kevin McLoone,
Archie Renaux as Tom Collins, and
Kyle Allen as Bobby Pappas.

Peter Farrelly has directed and co-written this movie. Brian Currie and Pete Jones are also involved as writers in this movie. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Andrew Muscato, and Jake Myers are engaged in the production of this film.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever is about Chickie Donohue (Efron) and his bizarre plan. The plan was to travel to the frontline during the Vietnam War by himself and deliver them his favorite can of American beer.

The show of support for his neighborhood friends and well-meaning journey suddenly changes into an adventure as Chickie comes across the reality of this controversial war. When he reunited with his childhood friends, he was posted into the complexities and responsibilities of adulthood. The film is based on friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

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