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‘The Good Doctor’ Season 6, Episode 6 Review [Spoilers]

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Image Credit: ABC

Season 6, episode 6 of The Good Doctor, is a milestone episode, and it marks the 100th episode of the medical drama.

In this episode, we will see the doctors deal with a heatwave. They’re all struggling, but for Dr. Lim, it is tougher than others. It’s partly due to the wheelchair, and Shaun is sad that Dr. Lim didn’t take him to do the surgery.

Shaun seems to struggle with a resident in The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 6.

Although Shaun is smart, he struggles to comprehend why people don’t do what he says they should. So, he wasn’t happy when Dr. Lim didn’t want to undergo surgery that could help her walk again.

However, there is someone on her side. This will prove to be a problem for Shaun. His resident, Danica, seems to know why Lim doesn’t want to go through with the surgery. The answer wasn’t a “never” but a “not now.” This resident also has a physical disability, and she understands Lim is trying to take her time to go through the surgery that could help.

Shaun doesn’t care that someone has a different opinion. He attempts to take Danica off his service, but that doesn’t help. Glassman said he was angry with Shaun and had to work with him. So, now Shaun has to work with someone he doesn’t like.

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