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The Flour Connection and Infection Origin In ‘The Last Of Us’ Explained

The Last Of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

Following a theme initially presented in the original game, ‘The Last of Us’ episode 3 adds further information about how the Cordyceps virus spread over the globe. HBO’s description of episodes 1 and 2, although they closely resembled the game in each of those episodes. The virus was linked to global warming in the first episode, which includes a scene from John Hannah that was not part of the game.

There is a connection between a concept mentioned in the game and Joel’s description of how Cordyceps spread in episode 3 of The Last of Us. Joel connects the scenario with the character of John Hannah from episode 1 to how Cordyceps mutated. Foods manufactured from the contaminated crops were then distributed once the Cordyceps spread across the World’s food sources such as sugar and flour. The pathogen was present in common shelf goods like bread and cereal. When these foods were consumed, people were highly infected.

This explanation raises the issue of whether it is supported by actual science. The Last of Us on HBO has done a fantastic job of explaining the Cordyceps virus in a way that feels true. 

Image Source: ‘Your Place Or Mine’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer & More

The Last of Us establishes a high possibility that the series’ events may occur in real life, as shown at the beginning of episodes 1 and 2. The Last of Us episode 3 marks this continuation, as the fungal infection spread via food sources, may occur. This intensifies the chilling, realistic aspects of The Last of Us series, making Cordyceps more and more terrible.

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