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9 Best Movies to Watch to Help You Crush 2024

From this film list that covers any feeling associated with the end of the year, which one will you choose to welcome 2024 with?

Last Christmas. Credit: Universal Pictures

Can you believe another year has flown by? 2023 was ripe with many memorable pop culture moments. From the Barbenheimer jokes to the lively discussions of Priscilla, there are countless memories 2023 fostered. But sometimes, the end of the year brings with it conflicting emotions.

We have anxieties over the start of a new year, are ashamed of what we didn’t accomplish, and can feel overwhelmed to make good resolutions. All valid feelings, all felt by many. And while there’s no easy answer to confront these feelings, there’s a very simple start: films.

Because Life Happens

Alright, so you didn’t fix your sleeping schedule or incorporate more veggies into your meals. Maybe it’s more serious. Regardless, let these films tell you of the importance of accepting mistakes and finding forgiveness. 

A Silent Voice

Main characters Shouko and Shoya stand together in a train, the sunlight setting a warm aura to both.
Shouko and Shoya on the train. Credit: IMDb

Shoya Ishida is plagued by the memories of his past as a bully. After years of isolation and self-reproach, Shoya has a chance encounter with Shouko Nishimiya, the girl he tormented for being deaf. A new journey of healing and understanding begins for the two with Shoya’s question: “Can we be friends?” A Silent Voice is a beautifully moving film that explores themes of regret, anxiety, friendship, and above all, the question of whether we can forgive our past mistakes.      

Last Christmas

Main characters Kate and Tom at night with warm white lights hanging above them.
Kate and Tom have a talk. Credit: Universal Pictures

If anyone can embody the chaos of the holidays, it’s Kate. Chasing stage after stage for a chance to perform, avoiding her family to save her sanity, and with a complicated heart condition history, Kate cannot catch a break. But one day she meets the unusual Tom, who has no phone and knows weird places in London, but who also helps Kate realize it’s time to stop running from the uncomfortable realities of life. If you see any part of yourself in Kate’s unstable life, perhaps you’ll also see the hope to find a rhythm that works for you.              

The Worst Person in the World

Julie in The Worst Person in the World. Credit: IMDb

Just one more film with a messy female protagonist for this list. The Norwegian film, described as a “modern dramedy” follows four years in the life of Julie as she faces the ultimate question of what she truly wants. With a candid look at uncertainties of love, career, and the prospect of family, The Worst Person in the World validates the real concerns many of us have at different stages of life. And though it is no easy watch, it is certainly thought-provoking and successfully depicts how unpredictable life can be. 

For Your New Year’s Resolution

2024 might really be your year this time. Whether you want to be more active or learn a new language, ambition will be your best ally. These three films will be the ideal encouragement to chase your passions and think of a new version of yourself.  

Ice Princess

Disney official poster for Ice Princess, depicting Casey in both her student appearance and as a figure skater.
If Casey can, so can you! Credit: Disney

Ice Princess is essential for a bit of winter motivation. Although Casey’s skills and expertise are only in mathematics, she can’t help but admire the graceful figure skaters on TV. So when Casey realizes the math she knows is connected to skating, she finds the courage to put on some skates and enter the rink. Casey’s story offers a very simple yet important message we might need to be reminded of from time to time: achieving your dreams can be difficult but with a touch of optimism, not impossible.           

Legally Blonde

Four characters from Legally Blonde, main character Elle Woods stands out in a pink courtroom outfit.
Can you spot which one is Elle? Credit: IMDb

Keeping with the early-2000s film vibes, Legally Blonde can be your motivation to beat all odds and prove your worth. When Elle Woods is dumped for being “too blonde,” she sets her mind to getting into Harvard Law. To everyone’s amazement, she succeeds. Elle’s reasons for attending soon change when she decides to work hard for herself and not belittle her feminine interests. Elle serves as a great role model if you want to be a top student for the new school year or if you’re in need of killer courtroom outfits.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Miles stands in front of a Spider-Man suit, his reflection on the glass showing concern.
Miles questions whether he can fulfill the role of Spider-Man. Credit: Sony Pictures

The last thing a high-schooler wants is the responsibility to keep an entire country safe. This problem quickly comes true for Miles Morales, who is suddenly faced with the enormous task of being Spider-Man and saving Brooklyn from the relentless Kingpin. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brilliantly presents feelings of fear and insecurity, but above all shows the importance of not giving into self-doubt. With wonderful characters, a captivating protagonist, and unique animation style, this film is sure to inspire you to take a leap of faith.           

Enjoy the Season

What if you want to put aside all the complex feelings and simply enjoy the season? The following films are perfect for the cozy days with hot chocolate on the side.   

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington looking up at Santa and the reindeer flying above.
The most unexpected holidays collide. Credit: Disney

An absolute modern Christmas classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas skillfully joins creepy animation with the holiday spirit. Jack Skellington, the “pumpkin king”, is amazed with the art and colors of Christmas and so decides to take up the role of Santa Claus for a real eerie holiday. Whether you know the story or not, it’s a perfect escape from the pressure of the new year.      

Anna Karenina

Kiera Knightley as Anna Karenina in 19th century attire, in a dress and fur scarf.
Kiera Knightley as Anna Karenina. Credit: IMDb

Can you really enjoy the season without a bit of drama? Anna Karenina holds the perfect blend of a winter setting and scandalous romance you’ll love to watch play out. When the socialite Anna finds herself in an affair with Count Vronsky, the whirlwind romance is not kept hidden for long. With the weight of social scrutiny on her, Anna has to make the choice to hold on to what’s left of her status or follow to fall deeper into the scandal. The film is based in 19th-century Russia, and the costume design is wonderfully fitting for a winter with a fancy feeling.

Home Alone

Official poster for Home Alone, featuring main character Kevin McCallister and the two robbers in the background.
Official poster for Home Alone. Credit: 20th Century Studios

Competing with the domestic Christmas vibes of Home Alone is almost impossible. Kevin McCallister wakes up alone on the day his family is set for a trip to Paris for the holidays. Taking the odd situation as a wish come true, Kevin indulges in mischievous antics he could never do before until he discovers two bandits plan to rob his home. A nostalgic comedy is just right for anyone who needs a good laugh or a lesson in self-defense from 8-year-old Kevin.    

In the end, you might choose to watch a film from any of these categories. Remember what you feel, the hopes and fears others feel, too. The end of the year is not as lonely as you may think, and perhaps that’s for the best.

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Hi! My name is Slane and I’m a writer studying English at California State University Long Beach. Analyzing films, books, shows, and characters is a great passion of mine.

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