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‘Strange World’ Cast: Who stars in the Animated Movie?

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Image Credit: Disney Studios

Strange World is releasing in theaters on Wednesday, November 23.

Strange World will be an important watch for audiences worldwide, as it features an openly-gay male lead at the center of it all.

Read the synopsis for the amazing film below:

Strange World chronicles the legendary Clades, mainly Searcher Clade, who has always been a farmer and has never had the bravery of his family of explorers. As they are forced to tackle their latest and most crucial mission, they must rely on each other and are forced to put away their differences while in the uncharted and treacherous land of Avalonia.”

The Cast of Strange World

Jaboukie Young-White is voicing the main character Ethan Clade. As you may have expected, Jaboukie Young-White is just as thrilled as we are to voice this revolutionary character.

“I don’t think it really hits you until it’s out in the world and you see how much it means to people,” White told Variety. “It’s beautiful to think about. It’s gorgeous.”

White is joined by Gabrielle Union, who will voice Meridian Clade, and Jake Gyllenhaal, who will voice the role of Ethan’s father, Searcher Clade.

In addition to White, Union, and Gyllenhaal, the cast features Dennis Quaid as Lucy Liu and Jaeger Clade, who will voice the character Callisto Mal.


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