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‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Deep Space 9: “Hear All, Trust Nothing” Episode Review

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Image Credit: Roddenberry Entertainment

While revisiting the popular destination at the edge of Federation Space, Deep Space 9, has the crew of the USS Cerritos breaking off for many distinctive adventures. Ominous diplomats, pirate ships, pillow parties, and high-stakes gambling in this episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Hear All, Trust Nothing.”

The show has a lot of stuff to manage this week, and for the most part, the writers seem to handle it pretty well. The main element of the plot is that the Cerritos are supposed to dock at Deep Space 9, so Captain Freeman can deal with visiting diplomats from the Gamma Quadrant, providing the Lower Deck crew a chance to branch out on their own.

This episode is supposed to be a lot of fun. Bouncing back and forth between so many characters in different parts of the station is a great choice and effectively portrays the idea that this is a crowded place where a lot is left to see. The dialogue can come off a bit raw, or rather, straight-to-the-point. With so much to explore, there’s only enough time for each one to settle. Even so, the variety makes up for it.

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