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South Park Hour-Long Vaccination Special Featuring QAnon is Coming March 10th

South Park releasing COVID-inspired special featuring QAnon.

Credit: Comedy Central

South Park will be returning with another COVID-inspired episode that will also touch on some of the recent events over the past two months.

South ParQ, an hour long special: The Vaccination Special, will focus around the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The special will air March 10. The official blurb reads:

“The citizens of South ParQ are clamouring for the COVID-19 vaccine. A hilarious new militant group tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated.”

Credit: Twitter/South Park

The creators revealed hat the Twitter account will be changing their handle just for the special. ‘We will be herd,’ the creators wrote.

A number of QAnon supporters for photographed at the Capitol riots on January 6.

QAnon conspiracists believe that Donald Trump is in a secret war against a clan of elite, Satan-worshipping pedophiles. This theory has been disproven yet QAnon supporters still believe.

The group is also suspicious of the COVID vaccine and have many theories against it.

South Park released its original ‘Pandemic Special’ on September 2020, which had over 4 million viewers. The special featured Randy coming to terms with his role in the outbreak and the towns struggle to contain the virus.

South Park is rumored to be back for its 24th season later this year after being renewed for a 26th season. However, production has has a few setbacks due to the pandemic. 

Check out how Donald Trump is offering $1 billion for exclusive rights to the coronavirus vaccine to a German doctor.

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