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Skip or Stream? Rick and Morty’s “Full Meta Jackrick” Review

rick and Morty season 6
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The episode began with a “previously on Rick and Morty” but seemed to have scenes that had never happened before. As the plot unfolds, Rick notices that something seems a bit off and that someone from outside is fidgeting with their reality. To understand more about the same, Rick and Morty break through the fourth wall and visit the metaphysical world.

Critics have been quite expressive with their hate of the show. The show has focused on the six comedy writers working in collaboration; however, they say no good has come from it. But this episode was better than the fans had even anticipated.

Although, for once, the plot in Rick and Morty integrates most scenes, the jokes turn absurd with each passing minute. It feels as if it is leading to a sketchier comedy, yet better than Rick mentioning a marvel universe movie and expecting it to be laughable.

The new episode has a single storyline with no next inline adventure to distract the audience. This focus makes it easier for people to notice the cameo of Dan Harmon. The change has benefitted the storyline in more ways than expected. It looks like the show is finally adding the elements that hail the audiences’ interest game.

It’s been a package of great adventures and great jokes. As the show’s second half of season 6 is on the verge of starting, people tend to expect more and don’t expect to be let down by the off-screen crew.

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