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‘Silence’ Trailer Released – Martin Scorcese’s Incredible New Film

Coming to a cinema near you…

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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‘Silence’ trailer released for all to see.

The highly anticipated film, directed by Martin Scorcese, now has the trailer out in the open.

First of all, a bit of info…

The film, based on the 1966 novel, has been a long-awaited project from the star director. It follows two young Jesuit priests aiming to spread the word of God, yet both question themselves throughout. Violence is also a recurring theme on their journey.

Andrew Garfield stars in the film. Adam Driver stars in the film. Liam Neeson stars also. A hit in the making!

Furthermore, there is a pretty spectacular plot!

8399UNILAD imageoptim Silence Andrew Garfield 700x300 The Incredible Trailer For Martin Scorceses Silence Has Been Released - 'silence'
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Various accolades lie ahead for the film. Scorcese has been waiting for decades to complete the project. Therefore you know it’s going to be something special.

Scorcese has a strong connection with the plot, and explained that:

“It’s been an obsession, it has to be done… it’s a strong, wonderful true story, a thriller in a way.”

He is fascinated with secularism and spirituality.

‘Silence’ will be released in the UK at the beginning of next year, while the film will be premiering to the world at the Vatican in the coming weeks.

You will be trembling with excitement after watching this. You should prepare yourself.

Have a look at the epic trailer and see what you think!

‘Silence’ Official Trailer

Rather exciting indeed.

Incredible actors and an incredible director, and so as a result, pretty powerful stuff!

Scorcese really has gone all out here. He must have really wanted this one out there. The new year can’t come quick enough! Since not much is happening in the film industry right now, this will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world…

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