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‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 4: Who Are The Stars?

The Netflix Korean dating reality show, “Single’s Inferno,” becomes more popular with each season released. Even renewed for season 4, who are the hottest contestants of the show?

Single's Inferno season 3 on Netflix (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Single's Inferno season 3 on Netflix (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

The Netflix Korean dating reality show “Single’s Inferno” becomes more and more popular with each season released. Now in season 3 and even renewed for season 4, viewers are always on the edge of their seats as they watch the different singles in the show mingle and flirt.

In order to leave Inferno, the singles on the island must match with another partner. They will then head to Paradise to learn more about each other and potentially fall for one another.

Of course, there are certain participants who stand out in the show and leave people talking about them even long after the season ends.

But just what makes this handful of participants so popular and memorable? Let’s go through some of the show’s hottest stars, from Song Jia to Choi Hyeseon.

Song Jia

Song Jia in Single's Inferno season 1 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Song Jia in “Single’s Inferno” season 1 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

By far, the most popular contestant is Song Jia from Season 1. A content creator and influencer, Song Jia wowed audiences as soon as she came on screen.

UCSD 2nd-year S. Huynh. said, “When Song Jia was introduced, I think a factor that contributed to her popularity is her face card because it never declines. Her visuals were stunning, and you just can’t take your eyes off of her. I also paid attention because of how she carried herself as a person on the show. She seemed really confident and was a fashion icon.”

For a lot of audiences, what set her apart from other contestants was her confidence in herself and her charm. Truly embodying the popular saying, ” I don’t chase, I attract,” Song Jia never lost her individuality throughout the show and stood by what she believed she deserved in her ideal partner.

Even with the show’s fourth season in the making, audiences still bring up Song Jia whenever a new season rolls around. She’s just that unforgettable.

With her own YouTube channel (freezia) of over two million subscribers and an Instagram (dear.zia) of almost five million followers, Song Jia defined what the show is about, making her an icon of “Single’s Inferno.”

Lee Nadine

Lee Nadine in "Single's Inferno" season 2 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Lee Nadine in “Single’s Inferno” season 2 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

Wowing audiences with her educational background and skills, Lee Nadine is another one of the show’s hottest contestants.

“Lee Nadine was really popular because she was a tall, smart, pretty, mature queen. She knows what she wants. I think another factor into why Nadine was popular was because she was in Harvard and spoke fluent English,” Huynh said.

With over one million followers on Instagram (deeenerss), Lee Nadine concentrates on neuroscience and computer science at Harvard University.

When she revealed her educational background on the show, the contestants and the audience were equally stunned. Lee Nadine is the definition of having brains and beauty. Like Song Jia, Lee Nadine was very confident throughout the show, even showing off her bilingual skills too. Although she was left in Inferno at the end of her season, audiences loved Lee Nadine and what she brought to “Single’s Inferno.”

Kim Jinyoung

Kim Jinyoung in "Single's Inferno" season 3 as a commentator (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Kim Jinyoung in “Single’s Inferno” season 3 as a commentator (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

One of the show’s most popular male contestants, Kim Jinyoung has made a name for himself.

Kim Jinyoung appeared in the middle of season 2, where he was introduced in the middle of the show to shake up the other contestants. With a background as a member of the Korean Underwater Demolition Team (UDT), Kim Jinyoung’s charms left both the contestants and audiences dazed.

“Jinyoung was really mature and manly. I paid attention to Jinyoung because he was revealed towards the middle of the show,” Huynh said. He wasn’t just serving face cards but also giving out really good advice and was very genuine with his love interests.”

Not only were Jinyoung’s looks memorable, but the way he interacted with other contestants also showed off his caring and softhearted side.

With over one million followers on Instagram (dex_xeb), Kim Jinyoung went on to become one of the show’s most successful contestants. Not only is he now one of the commentators on “Single’s Inferno,” Kim Jinyoung has also starred in multiple South Korean reality shows like “Zombieverse,” where he continues to show off his charms and skills.

Choi Hyeseon

Choi Hyeseon in "Single's Inferno" season 3 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Choi Hyeseon in “Single’s Inferno” season 3 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

In the show’s most recent season, Choi Hyeseon wowed audiences with looks, personality and brains.

“Hyeseon has a very bubbly personality, is pretty, and is humble. She never shared that she was a model on the side of her school career. I think she was also popular because she was similar to Lee Nadine and a lot of people liked Nadine,” Huynh said.

Right when she was introduced in episode one, Hyeseon caught the audience’s eye with her bright personality. Always smiling and showing support for the other female contestants, it’s hard not to love Hyeseon.

Like Lee Nadine, Hyeseon has a very impressive educational background. Hyeseon is currently attending Durham University in England, majoring in data science and bioinformatics. Hyeseon is also a model for South Korean brands like Round Lab.

With brains, beauty and 1.8 million Instagram followers (hazelchoiii), fans are still able to keep up with Hyeseon after her time in “Single’s Inferno.”

Lee Gwanhee

Lee Gwanhee in "Single's Inferno" season 3 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)
Lee Gwanhee in “Single’s Inferno” season 3 (Credit: Netflix K-Content)

Unexpectedly, a lot of the audience really liked Lee Gwanhee from season 3 of the show.

One of the factors that distinguished Gwanhee from other contestants was the entertainment aspect he brought to the show.

“I paid attention to Gwanhee because he was pretty unpredictable and funny on the show. You would never know his next move with his love interests because every girl is in his mind,” Huynh said.

Although many fans called him a red flag, the way that Gwanhee navigated his time in “Single’s Inferno” gave the audience a lot of talking points for the show.

Season 4 in the Making

As fans excitedly await for next season, audiences anticipate even hotter stars to flirt on Inferno.

But no matter who the future contestants are, there are just some faces that mesmerize fans and leave the audience talking all the way from Inferno to Paradise.

Watch all three seasons of “Single’s Inferno” on Netflix (and many other dating shows!) and see who the hottest star is for you.

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