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Who Said ‘Sesame Street’ Couldn’t Do A Fantastic ‘Stranger Things’ Parody?

Our favourite Muppets have done parodies on series before but a Stranger Things parody was unexpected.

Our favourite Sesame Street characters have done parodies on series before but an unexpected Stranger Things parody is even superior.

First, Sesame Street is an extremely famous kid show that has run for years. We all know the release of Stranger Things season two was not long ago.

The first season of Stranger things has a 1980’s tribute as well as a fantastic plot driven by a psychic girl called 11.

For instance, the second season comes back with strength.

Nevertheless, featuring 11, the Upside Down, rotten pumpkins and our favourite kid gang, reuniting in search to free Will from the shadow monster.

In fact, this parody of ‘Sharing Things’ has it all, and the Muppets did a good job.

Furthermore, it sold perfectly the idea of a cute but selfish ‘Cookiegorgon’ (instead of Demogorgon) who wants to eat all the food by himself, learns what sharing is; and this is the moral of the story.

More important, this parody brings back Barb and Bob, it showcases everything ‘Stranger Things’ second season has.

Some examples, ‘Hopper’ character is a rabbit, and there is even a ‘Dart’.

In the same way, ‘Joyce’ character is present and she gives the kids delicious cookies.

As you can see, this is worth the watch.

You can check out this fantastic parody just below:

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