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Rotten Tomatoes Critics Can’t Get Enough of Amazon Prime’s New Show Based on a Brad Pitt Movie

Rotten Tomatoes critics love the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Glover and Esrkine standing next to each other in an elevator as they both look away from each other.
Image credit: Prime Video

Rotten Tomatoes critics are raving about the new prime video series Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

As you know, when a new show or movie comes out, it has to go through the critics and, of course, the biggest critics in the world.

Some of the critics are IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Meteoritic. On these sites, the movies/shows get a percentage score determining whether it’s worth a watch.

This Prime video series has left critics highly impressed.

The leading stars are Donald Glover and Maya Erskine. The TV show is based on a 2005 film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The show also stars Sarah Paulson, Ron Perlman, and Alexander Skarsgard.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge was cast as the leading female role but exited due to creative differences with Glover.

In 2005, the off-screen story took the headlines because Pitt and Jolie said they fell for each other while filming the movie.

In the film, Pitt and Jolie appear as an upper-middle-class married couple. They then find out they’re assassins for competing agencies, and they’re supposed to kill each other for a task.

While both the film and the show have the same title, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the TV show differs slightly from the movie. Watch the trailer below:

In the series, the two spies are paired together to impersonate a married couple, known as John and Jane Smith the same characters from the film.

The series comes with a lot of action, such as shootouts and explosions. Also, the personal story of the two main characters comes off as charming and real due to the actors playing the roles.

According to the critics, the chemistry is important to the success of the story. On the site, the show received a 91% rating.

Glover and Esrkine sitting next to each other in a couples therapy session.
Jane and John in their couples therapy session. Photo Credit: YouTube/Primevideo

Ladbible states, ” Dave Nemetz, of TV Line, said: “Erskine is fantastic in this, making a sizzling pair with Glover in a funny, breezy reimagining that’s half action-packed spy games and half cute rom-com, and equally adept at both halves.”

Nick Hilton said the show is a brilliant take on the ”nonsensical” film with Pitt and Jolie.

Alan Sepinwall says the show cleverly inverts the movie premises.

“It blends the best elements of retro TV and modern TV and deftly balances the ridiculousness of the core idea with the danger of it,” according to Ladbible.

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