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A Real Wondrous Woman: Moe Sasegbon, The Nigerian Athlete Who Landed A Role In Wonder Woman!

Here’s how she did it.

Credit: DC Comics

A critically acclaimed film in the DC Universe, Wonder Woman stands as an awesome female-led movie. This movie was not only directed by a woman, and its leading role as a woman, but it had portrayals of women that were not your usual damsel-in-distress stereotype. Moe Sasegbon played one of the badass Amazons in the movie. She is a Nigerian Heptathlete and a physiotherapist. Moe Sasegbon is just as cool in real life as she is in Wonder Woman!

How did Moe Sasegbon land her role as one of the amazons in Wonder Woman?

Credit: @Moe Sasegbon

In an interview with Pulseon how she got the part in Wonder Woman, Sasegbon stated:

“I did an audition. There were first of all scouting for just tall athletic looking women. So I went for the audition.

“I had to do three different auditions where I had to do different fight scene. I was with the sword and a shield and I got called back and got the part.”

Just three years before, at the 11th All African Games in Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo, she had made her first competitive debut for Nigeria.  Sasegbon began her career in athletics at just nine years old!

When asked about the experience of working on the film, Sasegbon continued:

“I can say it’s one of the most amazing things I have done till date. I was involved for about six months, that included training, like in the gym, and a bit of stunt training as well.

So they were trying to create Amazon warriors, so we had to look the part and train the part. We had to be strong enough to look like Amazonian warriors.”

Although Sasegbon’s current focus is on athletics, she does see herself going for an action role in the near future. She envisions herself preferably in a Nollywood movie. “If Nollywood ventures into superhero and action movies, I think that would be really fun to do,”she concluded.

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