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Oscars 2023: The 12 Best Dressed Celebrities from a Historic Evening

The 95th Oscars aired on Sunday March 12th, The biggest celebs came in their best outfits. Here are the dresses and suits that stood out.

Dressed Up man holding an Oscar
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The 95th Oscars aired this past Sunday, March 12. This was a night to celebrate the best of films and to reward hard-working people in the movie industry every year.

It is also a night for celebrities to look their best. When people attend the Oscars, they must be dressed to the nines as this huge event attracts millions of eyes. Instead of the usual red carpet, there was a champagne carpet this year.

This carpet is where many celebrities walk across to show off their fancy outfits. While everyone looked stunning, some outfits left a huge mark.

Here are some of the best clothes worn at the Oscars and why they stole the show.

1. Salma Hayek

This dress has the perfect combo of grace and attitude. Hayek showed up in a gorgeous gown to present Best International Feature film alongside Antoni Banderas. This Gucci dress was a shimmery orange bronze with bright sequins. It hugged her body at the top, then cascaded down beautifully with a glittery fringe. The dress has a sassy halter collar with a keyhole cut out on the chest for extra flair. This dress had some sex appeal while also staying very classy. That was one of the most stylish dresses of the night, and it helped Hayek look like a knockout.

2. Jessica Chastain

Chastain has been a style icon for a while, and this is a dress that only she could pull off. Her Gucci Dress absolutely glittered as she presented Best Actor and Best Actress alongside Halle Berry. This dress was in a bright silver that made her look like a beautiful disco ball. It was a strapless dress with a back lining at the top to help balance out the sparkle. The dress went all the way to the floor elegantly. Then there was a black train behind her, which helped tone down the extravagance of the train. Pairing all of this with Chastain’s flowing red hair and bright red lipstick, she was a sight to behold.

3. Stephanie Hsu

Hsu stole the show with her musical performance, and she also stole it with her dress. Along with being up for Best Supporting Actress, Hsu performed best song nominee “This is a Life.” Therefore, she got a lot of attention on Oscars night and made the most of it. In her fun and flirty Valentino gown, Hsu had a girly element in her style. This dress was in a bright bubblegum pink, a wonderful color that should have been at this award show more. It was strapless with an almost corset-style top, and the skirt billowed at the bottom. It was a very Disney Princess look. Hsu has had her breakout this year; hopefully, more of her fashion will be seen soon.

4. Ariana Debose

Debose is always daring in her award show outfits, showing how comfortable she is in her skin. That was shown at the Oscars, as she presented Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor alongside Troy Kotsur. Her Atelier Versace gown was absolutely one of a kind. The dress was a bright white, almost completely covered with silver jewels. Those jewels were also in geometric shapes all across the body. The sleeves were a little different, as instead of the white dress, they had a clear material with jewels. With a low and wide cut top and a slit in the dress, DeBose was having fun with this dress. A small white train behind her completed the look. This was an eye-catching look that helped DeBose stand out.

5. Barry Keoghan

In the mostly plain men’s looks, it is always nice for there to be a pop of color. Keoghan was able to bring that pop. He was up for Best Supporting Actor but looked like a leading man at the Oscars. His suit was between light gray and lavender, a shade brighter than most men’s suits. The jacket buttons were also unique as they were white and almost looked like little flowers. That complemented his white shirt and bow tie very well. This was a stand-out look that showed there is beauty in a men’s suit. Hopefully, Keoghan will show this beauty more in the future.

6. Malala Yousafzai

Yousafzai was able to sparkle and shine at the Oscars. Even though she was not on stage, she absolutely glittered in her Ralph Lauren dress. Her dress was a really shiny silver that looked like a smooth material. It was cinched a little at the waist, and it flowed behind her a bit to look extra fancy. Along with the silver material, the end of her long sleeves had bold jewels attached to them, which paired nicely with her green ring. Yousafzai is not often seen at the Oscars, but this dress shows she made the most of this time.

7. Paul Dano

It’s not common to see a men’s suit with a great amount of flair. Dano was able to accomplish this goal. In his Dolce and Gabbana suit, he was certainly fit to present Best Costume Design with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In his Dolce and Gabbana suit, Dano was able to show a bit of style. His jacket was black with shiny metallic holes to make the suit visually intriguing. Underneath the jacket, he went for a cream-colored shirt and bow tie, which helped him stand out even more from most of the other men. All eyes have been on Dano’s success this year, and it looks like they should be on his fashion sense as well.

8. Michelle Yeoh

Yeoh was a big winner at the Oscars and was also a big winner in what she wore. She looked like a fairy when she stepped on stage in her Dior to accept the Best Actress award. Her dress was made out of a white feathery material that looked soft to the touch. It was a high collar sleeveless dress, with the top part above her chest having a slightly see-through material. The dress cascaded slightly behind her with some jeweled earrings and a white bracelet. It was a gorgeous look that made her magical. People of all ages can appreciate it, and it shows why Yeoh is a star.

9. Lenny Kravitz

Just because people at the Oscars dress fancy does not mean they can not have fun. Kravitz’s outfit definitely had some attitude. He was there to perform his song “Calling All Angels” for the In Memoriam segment. He showed up to the Oscars looking like a rockstar in an outfit by Saint Laurent. The look was in a cool black that looked very silky. The top was long sleeve and very open at the neck. It wrapped around a little to give Kravitz a wide belt at the waist. That tied into the slightly flowy pants at the bottom. Pairing this outfit with several silver necklaces and Kravitz’s signature sunglasses, the singer had that too cool for school look.

10. Sigourney Weaver

It’s always nice to see older women wear dresses that help show they can still be young and fun. Weaver proved her style at 73 in her Givenchy gown. She was certainly a shining star when presenting Best Film editing alongside Zoe Saldana. The dress was in a nice gold shade, making her almost look like a human Oscar statuette. It was a simple silhouette with a sweetheart neckline, long sleeves, and a skirt that goes straight to the ground. However, despite its simplicity, it helped give Weaver a youthful glow, and she definitely dazzled.

11. Kerry Condon

Sometimes classic elegance is the way to go. This is the energy that Condon’s dress had. She was up for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars, and even though she didn’t win, she was still stunned in her Atelier Versace dress. Her gown was in a lovely lemon yellow that could brighten up anyone’s day. It was strapless, and the skirt draped out long behind her, giving her a lot of space to show off the look. This dress has a timeless style that has lasted a long time. This was Condon’s first Oscars, and hopefully, it is not her last.

12. Riz Ahmed

Sometimes, a modest amount of flair can go a long way. This was shown by what Ahmed wore. He presented Best Documentary and Best Live Action Short with Questlove. Ahmed presented while looking really handsome in a Prada suit. While most of his suits looked very typical, there were little elements that made it unique. The outfit was black, but it had a long collar at the top that was a beige brown. Also, below that collar, there was a pink fuzzy lining that contrasted nicely with the beige and the black nicely. In adition, it does not appear there is a button-up shirt underneath, like most suits, and he instead is wearing the blazer as a shirt on its own. This is a very modern look, and Ahmed showed that he knows how to have style.

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